Children Sessions

What to Expect


I love to shoot on location, I prefer a more natural look to photos so, the beach, park or mountains are a great place to start.  Babies and children do best when they are fed and well rested, so try to plan accordingly.  Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The best time of day to photograph is early morning before the sun has completely come up or in the early evening, just before sunset.


Several consultations via phone or email will also be included to go over location options, clothing choices and the overall look you are seeking from the session.

Clothing changes and/or snack breaks for your children will not interfere with shooting time so feel free to being extra clothes (no more than 2 outfits) and/or snacks.


What to wear?

Clothing choice is one of the most important parts of creating beautiful timeless portraits. Remember, you are creating artwork that you will have forever and will want to display in your home! I think that children look best in textures yet simple clothing. Try to stay away from logos and LOUD busy patterns and keep your colors soft and light. Testured dresses for girls and jeans and a nice shirt for boys always go a long way. Soft headbands and hats for boys can be a cute accessory for the photos and knit hats always look great for winter shoots.

For family sessions, pick one or two colors that are similar but not all wearing the same color.



Tea Collection-

J Crew-




Etsy(for a more personalized outfit, headbands, and knit hats)!-