Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are so fun and I feel so grateful that my clients select me to capture these special and unique times in their babies life. I prefer to do newborn sessions between 4-12 days old (but not required). I prefer to do sessions at this time so that the babies are still able to be moved around a lot and are very sleepy! As you may know, newborns are not generally happy wide awake so we want them to be sleepy at their session. I never rush a baby and I will not force them into a pose that they are not happy with, I respect your child as I would my own and I feel very strongly about making sure that your baby is safe and comfortable. I promise that they are in good hands with me!

I provide all the backdrops and props that we will need for our session but you are more than welcome to have a few that you would like to use. Knitted hats (Etsy) and headbands are a nice personal touch if you would like to get something special for your session.

I normally photograph newborns without clothes, or just a diaper cover. Please loosen their diaper before my arrival so there are no diaper marks on the skin, but please keep a diaper on. Try to keep baby awake 2-3 hours (at least 1 hour)  before their session to tire them out. Giving a bath about an hour before your session will also help to keep them awake. Please make sure that your house is very warm 78-80 degrees usually does the trick, nothing wakes a sleeping baby like cold air. When I arrive, I recommend feeding the baby so they get in a deep sleep and are not hungry. By the time I am completed with the set up hopefully, baby will be nice and sleepy. 🙂

I do not need too much space to set up, I have a backdrop stand, beanbag, props, blankets, and a light. Please do not worry about finding a space in your home, we can always move some light furniture if need be. I also use studio lighting, no need to wonder what the weather will do the day of your session (especially helpful in the Pacific Northwest).

If you would like photos of parents/siblings with baby, I suggest that the mother wear a nude/white/cream tank top. It looks much better to have the mother in less clothing that can not bunch up and look baggy. For dad, I suggest he wear a short sleeve black/grey shirt, it does not need to be fancy. Siblings should wear clothes free of busy patterns and bright colors. Casual for this part looks best!

Please have spare diapers, wipes, pacifier, blankets, and Mom/formula handy.

I look forward to meeting you and I am looking forward to our session!